Are you stuck in the dilemma of loving your house but not having enough space to fit the whole family? Well, you might be considering to move house or extend your property. We have come up with some helpful things to consider before taking the plunge, from funds to benefits, we have it all.

Moving House Or Extend: What’s Best For You?

Before you dive right into moving house, have you considered why you need to move and whether an extension can help? An extension can give you all you are looking for in a new house with the added benefit of it being attached to your beloved home. It can be hard to decide which option is best suited to you and your family, so to help you decide, we have come up with some things that you will need to consider.


There are an abundance of benefits for extending onto your property as well as moving house. Depending on the reasons you are considering either of these options, you might find that one suits your needs more than the other. Here are the benefits for both moving house and extending.

Moving House

Buying a new house can give you the opportunity to take in new scenery and enjoy exploring a new location. This can be particularly exciting when you have a young family, as you are able to take them on walks to find the prettiest view and tastiest coffee shops.

If you are thinking about starting a family, your current home may not tick all of the boxes. For example, your home may not be near schools, fun parks or other young families. Factors such as these can make or break a property when you have a family to look after.

Moving house can also be down to employment, whether you are trying to find a job or need to move closer to one, moving house can make life a lot easier when travelling to and from different locations.

Family moving house


There are an array of different reasons to extend your home, so it’s hard to know where to start. The first, and in our opinion, the most important benefit of extending is that you can tailor your design to you and your families needs. Whether you need an extended kitchen, an extra bedroom or a separate area for the children to play safely, an extension can give your home a new lease of life.

When you already love your home, it can be hard making the decision to move when you don’t necessarily want to. Having an extension on your home can increase the value of your property while also giving you that extra space on to a home that you struggle to part with.

An extension is also a lot less stressful than moving house! You can have a team of professionals help you plan your extension, and then all you need to do is sit back and watch the magic happen. This is a perfect option for those with young families as you can focus on looking after the rest of your home and spending time with the family.

For other benefits of having an extension, check out Adorable Home’s fantastic blog. Here you can also find style ideas and room designs to give you some inspiration on conservatory plans.

Family in playroom


Both moving house and extending your current house will have a lot of planning. This is because you need to make sure that what you are doing is the right thing for you and your family. Whatever you choose to do will inevitably be a big investment, so it is important to plan every step of your project.

When moving house, you will need to think about all of the individual costs that you need to save up for. You will also have to plan the cost of renovating the property that you move into. It is very rare that you find a home that is designed from the ceiling to the floor to your taste, so painting the walls and changing the floors will probably be a likely scenario. Whereas, having a house extension will mean that the only place you will need to plan the design is in the extension itself. As a conservatory company in Thurrock and the surrounding areas, we can offer you a fully fitted conservatory from flooring to perfectly fitted windows.

If you decide to build an extension, our team will sit with you and create your dream conservatory based on your design. You can choose from a selection of windows such as stunning Georgian themed design or tilt and turn options. If you are looking for windows in Thurrock to match your conservatory designs, then feel free to contact our team today for a quote.

Unlike building an extension, when planning to move house, it is usually all down to you. You are the ones that will have to speak to your mortgage advisor, plan removal vans and speak to solicitors. This can make it a very stressful experience rather than an exciting one. Unless you are moving house to change location or because your current house isn’t a home, then the less stressful option is to plan an extension onto your property.

Planning An Extension

The Cost

Whether you want to move house or extend your property, there is going to be some form of money involved. Depending on your budget, you may find that extending your home is the most cost-effective solution. This is because not only does it give you the space you require, but it can also increase the value of your home, making it easier to move in the future.

To help you weigh up the costs of extending your home versus moving, we have pieced together every element of your project that will require you to hand over money. This will help you to understand the costs involved and what is the best option for you financially.

Moving House

Although moving house may seem like an adventure, it could be damaging to your financial situation. If it is space that you are looking for, then you may find that houses with larger rooms or that extra bedroom you desire, cost a considerable amount of money. Depending on where you are looking, the house prices can be way out of your budget. For those living in South-East England, you are looking at an average house price of over £405,000. As you can imagine, that is a lot of money to part with, especially if you have a family to look after.

Not only will you have to pay for the deposit of your new house, but you will also have to pay for other costs associated with moving. This includes stamp duty, which is a tax that you have to pay to move house, the only person that this will not apply to are first time buyers. Stamp duty can be a larger sum of money than you might not be expecting, the average amount paid in South East England is over £10,000. You can work out how much your stamp duty will be by using the London & Country stamp duty calculator.

There are a lot of other payments that you will have to think about when moving. Here are just a few:

  • Solicitor/Legal Fees – £800-£1,500
  • House Removal – ranging between £300-£600
  • Professional Cleaning – average of £300
  • Mail Redirecting – £33.99 for 3 months
  • House Renovations – anything from flooring to paint work
  • Increased Insurance – up to £250 a year depending on where you are moving to

Budget For A House


Unlike moving house, an extension is a one-off payment that can increase the space in your home at a significantly cheaper rate. Depending on the materials you want to use, how big you want the extension, and how simple your design is, an extension can be built on a small or big budget. You can have a look at Household Quotes blog post for more information about the cost of various different types of house extensions.

When building an extension, there is not a long list of extra costs that you will be faced with. Making sure that you have a professional carry out your extension, whether it be a conservatory or a loft conversion will ensure that your extension is of good quality and functions towards your desired needs. If you are looking for a conservatory company in Basildon or the surrounding areas, then speak to a member of our team for a quote on bespoke and high-quality conservatories.

Not only will an extension cost you less money, but it will also increase the value of your property. This means that you can enjoy your new living space in the house that you dearly love, and when you wish to move in the future, you will have made your money back and potentially more. Extensions are a great option for those that do not have the finances to move but need more space or for those that love their home, but it does not function well with their needs.

When To Choose An Extension Over Moving

When we ask our clients why they wanted an extension, the majority of them say that they loved their home, but it wasn’t quite big enough. A lot of people find that as times change and families expand, their need for more space encourages them to move house. However, this can be quite damaging as you compare your home to the one you loved. The simple solution to this problem is to have an extension rather than move house; this will allow you to stay in the same location while giving you that added space you desperately need.

Extensions are also perfect for those that cannot afford to move house but still want a home that fits around their family and suits their aesthetic. With Crown Windows & Doors, you can extend your home with no ordinary conservatory. Our range of luxury bespoke windows and a choice of conservatory designs, your extension can become part of the home. If you are looking for guardian tiled roofs in Basildon or the surrounding areas, please don’t hesitate to contact the team for more information.

Friends in conservatory

Will You Move House Or Extend?

Once you have weighed up all of the options and worked out your financial situation, its time to decide whether you are going to extend your property or move house. If your current home doesn’t tick all of your boxes, then it might be best to see what other locations and houses are available. However, if your home has everything apart from that extra added space, then an extension is the perfect option. An extension can give your home a completely different feeling and make for a larger space for you and your family to enjoy.

If you have questions regarding conservatory extensions, then please feel free to contact our team for a quote and start designing your new home addition today.